Are highly sort after Internationally acclaimed works,
exhibited in more than 20 countries since 2006

Skyboxes attempt to capture those moments of everyday life that are often overlooked yet profoundly beautiful.
Whilst photography has the capacity to capture these moments in two-dimensional form, it often fails to establish a sense of space. These works are therefore an examination of the sculptural form and an experiment in representing the world in which we live


Perran’s Skyboxes are among some of the most original in the world today,
his work is simply full of life, are invigorating, fresh and there is a sense of completeness.

With work exhibited across the world, he ranks as one of the most important Australian artists of the moment...
I am quite certain that we will be hearing a great deal more about Perran Costi.

Design Local, 2013 

By taking a two-dimensional image and turning it back into a three-dimensional space, each little box becomes a miniature, yet abstract world of its own.

Each Sky Box is handcrafted and as a result unique. All photos are taken by Perran then printed onto three layers of glass using special UV inks designed to recreate the properties of natural light.

Each image has been separated into foreground, mid-ground and background, and the three pieces of glass form to create a three-dimensional scene – a mini diorama capturing an everyday moment.

In his first year (of Uni, Perran) had a dream in which he envisioned his artwork at an exhibition.
'I wish I’d thought of that,' he mused, before waking and realising that he had. 

His almost transcendental skyboxes were the result: exquisitely shot photographs with foreground,
middleground and background extracted, then printed onto three separate glass panels
enclosed in a wooden box and illuminated from behind. 
He made his first sale that year at the university’s spring fair.
Then, seeing Perran’s artwork, the purchaser’s interior designer hired him to design a skybox
feature wall for the renovation of his client’s luxury premises overlooking Tamarama Beach.
And things have only escalated from there.

Ben Conner, Artspace, Rex In-Flight Magazine 2011