Highly awarded and Internationally acclaimed works exhibited in more than 20 countries since 2006
Skyboxes attempt to capture those moments of everyday life that are often overlooked yet profoundly beautiful. Whilst photography has the capacity to capture these moments in two-dimensional form, it often fails to establish a sense of space. These works are therefore an examination of the sculptural form and an experiment in representing the world in which we live.

By taking a two dimensional image and turning it back into a three-dimensional space, each little box becomes a miniature, yet abstract, world of its own.

Each Sky Box is handcrafted and as a result unique. All photos are taken by Perran then printed onto three layers of glass using special UV inks designed to recreate the properties of natural light. Each image has been separated into foreground, mid-ground and background, and the three pieces of glass form to create a three-dimensional scene – a mini diorama capturing an everyday moment.

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Skybox Sale & 
Tokyo International Art Fair

I have some very exciting news… I have been invited to show at the Tokyo International Art Fair in Shibuya on the last weekend of May, It’s has long been a goal to exhibit in Tokyo. To enable me to go I am having Skybox Sale with discounts of up to 45%, the proceeds will hopefully allow me to exhibit in Tokyo so please share the love.