Light Scrolls

Light Scrolls

Photographic prints on backlit film, Mapel, lights
Some of my latest offerings
The Light Scrolls are where my Skyboxes merge with my studies of the Japanese aesthetic principles of Wabi Sabi to create something new that is a fusion of ancient traditions recontextualised in a contemporary way.
By utilising light, backlit film and the latest printing technology the Light Scrolls create a new way of showing photography that gives the the impression of looking through a screen to a view, a portal to the original location. 
The photos are taken on my travels around Australia and Japan which aim to show the staggering beauty of the world around us that often goes unnoticed are.

Light Scrolls now on Sale

The Light Scrolls are available in very limited editions with a discount of up to 45%. Visit my shop to see what's available and pick up a Light Scroll while you are there.
They are also available as bespoke works with thousands of images available from my travels around the world, with up to 45% off. To find out more and order your own unique piece of the world please email me ASAP on

About the Light Screens

The lightweight design of the Light Scrolls gives the impression that they are almost floating in space as they seamlessly transition into their environment as the light emanates out into its surroundings creating a beautiful mix of light and shadows. They bring an amazing warmth and atmosphere to any environment that can bring a little happiness to the every day.



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