The Adventure Continues

In recent years my experience, reputation, proactive approach and love of my work have allowed me the opportunity to choose what I work on, so keep up to date on all my latest Art, Adventures and Endeavours.

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We Are Good Company

Over the last 3 years, I have been in the process of setting up and developing We Are Good Company (Good Co.)

As the Founder, Cultural Director and Managing Director. Good Co. Is a ‘Profit For Purpose’ social enterprise that works to revitalise, grow and create a viable culture in Sydney.

Embracing the Tokyo Artstar

I have recently exhibited at the Tokyo International Art Fair, from the 26 to 27 of May in Shibuya. I have a great love affair with Japan and a dream of showing in Tokyo, so it was lovely to be back in a land that I share a great affinity with.

I have a great love affair with Japan and a dream of showing in Tokyo, so it was lovely to be back in a land that I share a great affinity with… to be continued

The Light Scrolls

Something New & Very Special. The Light Scrolls are new works which intersect where my Skyboxes merge with my studies of the Japanese aesthetic principles of Wabi Sabi.

Something new that is a fusion of ancient traditions re-contextualised in a contemporary way. By utilising light, backlit film and the latest printing technology the Light Scrolls create a new way of showing photography that gives the impression of looking through a screen to a view, a portal to the original location. The photos taken are on my travels around Australia and Japan which aim to show the staggering beauty of the world around us that often goes unnoticed are.

Harnessing the Wild Wild Web

I have spent the last year working on a total overhaul of my website, mailing list and social media life. With the idea of creating something simple unique and fresh as a reflection and representation of the diversity of my endeavours.

For the first time ever more than 150 new and old artworks are available on my website with free shipping for orders over $300. The works include my internationally acclaimed Skyboxes, new Light Scrolls, photographic prints and postcards, they are not only very affordable but also unique, valuable and a perfect gift. They are limited so get in early to secure your favourites.

Melbourne Art Tour

I exhibited my renowned works The Fall and Skyboxes on a tour of Melbourne, showcased across two exhibitions at the prestigious Incinerator Art Gallery in Moonee Valley and in a solo show at Brunswick Street Gallery in Fitzroy, both opened on the 14th of October 2016.

The Fall at the Incinerator

The Fall installation was part of the Incinerator Art Award an annual contemporary art prize, open to all visual art forms.

The award is inspired by the original architect of the Incinerator Gallery, Walter Burley Griffin and his wife, Marion Mahoney, who believed art and architecture could change our beliefs and the world.

Imagine finding yourself in a snowstorm on a warm summer day, at an incredible incinerator in Moonee Valley. Snowflakes fall gently from the sky surrounding you in a micro-blizzard, snow falls on your face instantly evaporating from body heat and disappears before they reach the ground. Intended to take you by surprise, at once a celebration of the spectacle and the capacity for nature to move us.

It’s the Little Things

The exhibition was a retrospective of my iconic Skyboxes from the last 8 years through their many incarnations.

After 8 years of showing Skyboxes across the globe to critical acclaim, I finally held my first Australian solo exhibition in Melbourne, where it all began. In 2008 I won the BSG Small Works competition with one of my first Skyboxes which launched my international art career, from little things big things grow.

Skyboxes have become highly successful and collectable, people really fall in love with them and often contact me to tell me so. They have shown regularly at reputable art fairs and exhibitions throughout the UK, Europe, Asia, the Americas and across Australia, won many prizes, added to numerous collections and received many glowing reviews.