The Adventures

of Perran Costi

My unique and innovative sensibilities and can do attitude have led me to become internationally recognised and highly regarded artist, entrepreneur and theorist who had worked with many amazing businesses, organisations and collaborators including represented internationally acclaimed clients such as Disney and Amnesty amongst others.

I have been collected and exhibited regularly at major shows and on successful projects across the world including Tokyo, London, New York, LA, Houston, Shanghai, Mexico, Brussels, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Hong Kong, Singapore, Toronto, Seattle, Hamburg, Milan, Wakayama and across Australia. Including contributing to a large scale site-specific land artwork with an entire village in Wakayama prefecture Japan that could be seen from space

I have over two decades experience encompassing ideas, art, culture, design, photography, events, education, inovation, sustainability and community including running several very successful businesses, travelling extensively and winning many major awards. Within the creative and community sector including art, design, ideas, events and sustainable practice.

My work also intersects these practices through the creation, management, production and promotion of small to large scale events, promotional campaigns, exhibitions, performances, workshops, community engagement, artist's initiatives, promotional campaigns, and personal projects.

This diverse and holistic nature of my experience made me develop resilience, time management, communication and multitasking skills adaptable to a wide range of environments. This has also given me the ability to learn and teach quickly through observation, communication and practice.

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The Art of Imperfection

for Impossible Planet

I harness the hidden beauty of the every day to create beauty every day, including building miniature worlds in little boxes creating, a cascading fountain of milk in a wooden dresser, a microcosmos in a suitcase and pioneered a whole new society on Cockatoo Island. I even made it snow in a heat wave in the middle of September at Carriageworks for 8000 people as part of FBI Turns 10 Festival.

I have always seen the world in a very different way, I am an eternal optimist who is driven to help develop models for creating, accessing, sustaining and experiencing culture in all its forms. I am a critical thinker, well versed in progressive culture, contemporary society, sustainability and social enterprise. My experience has focused on cross-disciplinary projects, engagement and facilitating supportive networks for colleagues, collaborators and communities. This has led me to be a strong advocate and participant in creating equality; fostering collaboration, exchanging ideas and supporting sustainable practice within society.  

My practice is experiential in nature which explores engagement, the senses and the environment to trigger an emotional affect in the viewer. Personal moments that touch on aspects of everyday life, which are deeply moving, moments that are often overlooked and yet profoundly beautiful. Utilising everything at his disposal including images, objects, technology, nature, science, the elements, the senses, community, culture and everything in between to tell a story that is a unique experience for anyone that comes into contact with it.

My Latest


In recent years my experience, reputation, proactive approach and love of my work have allowed me the opportunity to choose the projects I work on, with my latest endeavours including.

Tokyo Artstar

I have recently exhibited at the Tokyo International Art Fair, from the 26 to 27 of May in Shibuya. I have a great love affair with Japan and a dream of showing in Tokyo, so it was lovely to be back in a land that I share a great affinity with. More Soon

Harnessing the wild wild web

More Soon

We Are Good Company

Over the last 3 years, I have been in the process of setting up and developing We Are Good Company (Good Co.), as the Founder, Cultural Director and Managing Director. Good Co. Is a ‘Profit For Purpose' social enterprise that works to revitalise, grow and create a viable culture in Sydney.

Melbourne Art Tour

More Soon

A Path Untraveled, Unravels

Since birth I have always had a unique uncharted path to walk, I simply do and see things in a very different way, I have had a string of life-changing catalysts and challenges to overcome that have let me into new unforeseen directions and challenges. The moment of a crash can either destroy you or define you, in hindsight, I have always chosen the harder option and let it define me.  


A Catalyst

On Thursday, February 19th, 2009, I was hit by a tractor whilst bicycled through a small village in India. I was both moved and surprised by what followed, an overwhelming sense of well-being and the feeling that something had shifted, that a set of blinkers had been lifted, to reveal the staggering beauty of the world. Then the pain set in.

My near death experience left me broken but had a profound effect on me, and the questions and examination of self that have surfaced as a result have since been folded into every element of my practice.

A search to create experiences that affect the viewer like the moment of the near death experience, where they can experience a glimpse of things, however fleeting, the simple beauty of a moment free of mental noise, connected with the environment, totally surrendered to reality. That suggested ways by which we can integrate such experiences into our contemporary western lives.


Learning to Roll

At the end of March 2014, I had my second near-death experience that left me even more damaged than the first. The experience was equally profound but this time things were very different. I fell backwards from a height of 1.5 meters of the back of the stationary truck, which according to all the doctors and experts should have either killed me, left me with major spinal damage or brain damage, they told me it was a miracle I somehow avoided all three.

I was unpacking the remnants of my public installation 'Permasabi', which was the largest self-funded project I had ever undertaken and 3 years in the making, Permasabi inhabited the brand new central courtyard at UNSW Art & Design ex. College Of Fine Arts, Paddington as part of the grand opening of the new campus. So I as exhausted and so close to wrapping everything up.

Just before I fell I had a premonition of what was about to happen, my blinkers were lifted to reveal a moment of clarity, time slowed down and I became acutely aware of my situation, senses and environment.

I somehow managed to plan and execute the fall, turning it into a roll with precision and timing, skills I never knew I possessed. The new awareness allowed me to influence the flow of events thus limiting the damage.

I became aware of the box in my hand, which I utilised to control the way I would fall. It allowed me to slow done the initial momentum as I thrust the box into the back of the truck changing the motion stopping me going head first at a very heavy velocity. I was then able to walk backwards in small steps right to the edge, which positioned my body in the ideal stance to fall. At that moment I knew that if I fell backwards I would be impaled on the many protruding objects that I had already unpacked, so I utilised the box to cantilever off to the side of all the objects where I landed on the safer option the bitumen laneway.

I was broken but not beaten, the accident left me with debilitating pain, a major concussion, short-term memory loss and post-traumatic stress. Over the last 3 years I have not been able to work and had to pull out of showing around the world, it has been a difficult 3 years, to say the least.


A New Beginning

On the flip side I have grown and developed in ways I never thought imaginable, as they say ‘the moment of a fall can either destroy you or define you’. I have transformed in leaps and bounds, remained positive, proactive and able to overcome many difficulties, for which I am very proud. I am stronger, more driven and dedicated to doing my part in making the world a better place…

I have found my purpose, vision and clarity and intend to utilise every element of myself to its full potential, in the same way, I did to save my life during the accident, as a means to live my dreams of making the world a better place.