Artist, Designer, Optimist & Entrepreneur

Perran’s innovative sensibilities and can do attitude have led him to become an internationally acclaimed and highly sort after creative revolutionary and leader.
Perran has over two decades experience encompassing ideas, art, culture, design, photography, events, education, sustainability and community. Perran intersects these practices through the creation, management, production and promotion of small to large scale events, promotional campaigns, exhibitions, performances, workshops, community engagement, artist’s initiatives, promotional campaigns, and personal projects.
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The Art of Seeing Things Differently

Perran is a critical thinker who joins the dots that others don’t see to create things of lasting beauty by turning his dreams and the dreams of others into reality, which in turn encourages progressive culture to thrive in all forms.

Perran has always been passionate about culture and its subsets, therefore is a strong advocate and participant in creating equality, fostering collaboration, exchanging ideas, improving accessibility, utilising sustainability and revitalising culture within society.

He is eternal optimist driven to help develop models for creating, accessing, sustaining and experiencing culture. Put simply Perran sees and feels the world in a very different way and has learnt to use it to its full advantage.

Traversing the Globe

Perran has become an internationally acclaimed and sort after creative with his endeavours experienced by over 100,000 people and is art collected by over 100 people worldwide.

Perran has exhibited regularly and produced many successful projects in locations including Tokyo, London, New York, LA, Houston, Shanghai, Mexico, Brussels, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Hong Kong, Singapore, Toronto, Seattle, Hamburg, Milan, Wakayama and across Australia.

He even contributing to a large scale site-specific land artwork with an entire village in Wakayama prefecture Japan that could be seen from space.

The Art of Impossibility for an Imperfect Planet

Perran turns the ordinary into the extraordinary, a glimpse into another world of possibilities.

He harnesses the hidden beauty of the every day to create beauty every day, including creating miniature worlds in little boxes, a cascading fountain of milk in a wooden dresser, a micro cosmos in a suitcase, pioneered a whole new society on Cockatoo Island. He even made it snow in a heat wave in the middle of September at Carriageworks for 8000 people as part of FBi Radio Turns 10 Festival.

Perran’s practice is experiential in nature which explores engagement, the senses and the environment to trigger an emotional affect in the viewer. Personal moments that touch on aspects of everyday life, which are deeply moving, moments that are often overlooked and yet profoundly beautiful.

Perran does this by skillfully utilising everything at his disposal from images, objects, technology, nature, and science; to the elements and senses; to community, networks, culture and everything in between. To tell a story that is a unique experience for anyone who comes into contact with it.

Social Enterprise & Startup culture 

Perran has successfully managed budgets over 100k and teams of up to 50 people and reached audiences over a million worldwide. He has founded and directed 4 successful businesses:
We Are Good Company
Creating & Sustaining Progressive Culture

Design Quarter
Creative Design Agency

Pod People
Interior, Venue & Event Design

Liquid Labyrinth
Event Production & Promotion


Clients & Collaborators 

Perran has worked with some of the worlds best, organisations and individuals, he has even represented internationally acclaimed clients such as Disney and Amnesty International Australia, along side others including: